About us

With the world’s most advanced machines, ofogh plast javidan has been able to take an effective step in the production of various plastic artifacts.
The company’s products include:

– Nylon Shrink 1 – 3 – 5 Layers
– Bubble wrap
– Stretch film
– Types of nylon printed
– Roly Freezer Bag
– cellophane

Some of the contracting companies with this company are as follows:

– Distributor of pharmaceutical drug companies
– Household appliance factories including: Akhavan, Iliya Steel, Datas, Abbas, Nikkala.Steel Alborz and …
– Dairy and mineral water factories including: Tarot, Eram Noush, Nova, Abnoosh, Euphrates, Zali, Kolaak West Iran and …
– Sanitary valve factories including: Shayan, Rasan, Behriasan Sanat and …
– Plastic injection mills including: RADPLUMER, IMAGER, PAYA PLASTIC, WHITE DOOR AND …

Contact info
Khavaran Road - Abbas Abad Industrial Town - Ebne sina Blvd - 47st (Parastoo) - Plate 1196 - Ofogh Plast Javidan Co.
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